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A HydroDerm Facial is a Wet Microdermabrasion treatment, also referred to as a HydroDermabrasion or HydroFacial. This procedure is non-invasive and uses hydro-technology to:

1. Exfoliate: Cleans dead skin cells, dirt, and other debris to unclog pores to reveal healthy new skin.
2. Polish: Peels gently to help loosen dirt and debris from pores without any irritation.
3. Detox: Automatically extracts impurities by flushing out excess oil and impurities
4. Rehydrate: Adds hyaluronic acid to infused, deeper into the skin to nourish and protect

HydroDerm Facial treatment delivers immediate results without irritation or downtime. This procedure also uses a series of hydro tips:

  • Hydro-Derm Tip is used to perform different functions, such as exfoliating and buffing the skin.
  • Hydro-Extraction Tip, which has a unique spiral design that creates a vortex, is effective in removing blackheads and flushing impurities
  • Hydro-Fusion Tip is used to infuse Hyaluronic Acid into the skin, rejuvenating it by restoring hydration and plumping.

Then, treatment serums, usually contain vitamins, antioxidants, and anti-aging peptides, are massaged into the skin, and are readily absorbed, healing skin from the inside out.

Associated Side Effects

  • On rare occurrences, there might be some shedding or redness for a day or so.

To learn more about our Hydro Facial treatment, please feel free to contact us.